Diageo Moet Hennessy: 

Getting Thais to drink better

Committed to promoting moderated drinking habits, Diageo Moet Hennessy Thailand partnered with the H+K SMARTER team to create a campaign that would generate the largest possible awareness and completion rate of its educational DRINKiQ Quiz by both drinkers and non-drinkers.

To create long-lasting change in Thais’ behaviour and to affirm that alcohol could be part of a responsible and balanced lifestyle, the H+K SMARTER team uncovered never-before-learned insights related to Thai consumers’ triggers and habits. To maximize campaign performance, the team created a realistic online simulation to test sixteen separate messages – each informed by the learned insights – with the aim of increasing quiz completion rates and behavioral change.

The response found that messages developed under the social influence pillar received the strongest positive response and were also most likely to create effective behavioural change. By adopting these messages into campaign communications, the team achieved Diageo’s annual target for DRINKiQ Quiz completions within four weeks. 

Diageo Moët Hennessy Thailand measured behaviour change post-campaign by testing participants after viewing the DRINKiQ Quiz. After completing the DRINKiQ Quiz, 98.6% of participants said they intended to drink better for others and 90.6% would recommend the quiz to others.

H+K Thailand then went one step further, following up with qualitative surveys to understand what specific changes to behavior had occurred post-quiz. Respondents confirmed they had gained new knowledge to remind themselves when going out to drink with friends and would better plan how to go home after drinking or what they would drink on that day.

Sector: Food + Drink
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science
Product: SMARTER™
Office: Bangkok

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