Royal Commission for AIUIa:

Developing Actionable Insights with an Integrated Dashboard

With a vision to preserve and protect Alula’s unique landscape, culture and tradition, The Journey Through Time Masterplan marked the first milestone for the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) as it charted its role in Saudi Arabia’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing. After a decade of intensive renovations, RCU wanted to transform the dramatic landscape and heritage of the region into a natural and cultural oasis in order to draw international visitors. 
H+K Singapore worked with our colleagues from the METIA team on designing and developing an integrated dashboard which would display the performance of the campaign across earned, paid, and owned channels. The dashboard integrated PR coverage, social media mentions, website analytics, and owned social media content performance. It also included online bookings and offline visits. 
The announcement spread across press releases, opinion pieces and interviews received over 3,083 pieces of coverage gaining a reach of over 9 billion across major Tier 1 publications. Social media and influencers efforts generated over 178M impressions and 150,000 website visits. 
The success of the dashboard lied in the integration of multiple data sources and presenting them in a digestible format. This allowed for insightful conversations to happen between the client and the wider team to translate the data into actionable steps and decisions around the campaign, while spotting opportunities for improvements and optimizations. 

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