The Australian Seniors Series: 100 Year Lifespan report

Changing the way we think about aging

Australian seniors don’t see themselves as seniors. On the contrary, they embrace age and all the life experiences that come with it. So how does a brand with the word ‘seniors’ in its name connect in a meaningful way with an audience that doesn’t identify as old? H+K Australia realised that there was a need to get to know them.

The Australian Seniors Series: 100 Year Lifespan report looked at the changing attitudes of more than 5,000 Australians over 50. The report aimed to shed light on the thoughts and opinions of this demographic, whilst exploring the opportunities and challenges of an increased life expectancy and what this means for society, as well as for us as individuals.

Our campaign coined the term, ‘three-quarter life crisis’ in recognition of the reality that Australians are starting new families in their 50s, finding new careers, exploring new study, building new skills, and living longer. 

The integrated media strategy used these insights to spark interest and create talkability. We partnered with credible, authentic voices and jumped on the “OK, boomer” cultural wave to create an alternative perspective.

To date, our campaign garnered 338 articles, 109 pieces of earned coverage across online print and TV, 100% of inline coverage, and emerged runner-up for the Best PR Campaign: Banking/Financial Services award.

In fact our campaign was so successful, not only did we achieve wide scale national media coverage, backlinks to the research and highly engaging influencer content, but we sparked a wider social conversation that continued well beyond the stories news cycle.

Sector: Health + Wellness
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science
Product: SMARTER™
Office: Melbourne

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