Showcasing revolutionary innovation by producing a movie shot on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

After facing tough competition from other smart phone brands in the low to mid-end segments, competitors were vying for market share in the premium flagship segment by offering smartphones at very affordable prices where Samsung was the undisputed leader.

As competitors continued to vie for market share, Samsung engaged H+K Indonesia to help reaffirm its position as the market leader and boost (dominate) share of voice in the premium flagship segment by highlighting its revolutionary innovation and unmatched camera technology.

Through our strategic creative approach, we conceived and supported with the production of a full short movie through the camera of a Samsung smartphone that led Samsung to become the first smartphone brand to produce a short movie that earned a record breaking 3 million views within under a month of its launch and without any placement support. This movie is also one of the highest viewed among Indonesia’s short movie productions.

We managed to secure over 619 articles worth IDR11,346,600,000 (USD782,524) PR value during the three-month long campaign and dominated share of voice by 90. 5% as compared to our competitors.

Sector: Technology
Specialist expertise: The Studio
Office: Jakarta

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