National Bonds Corporation: #SavingsExcuse

Changing behavior by amplifying what’s unsaid

To further the National Bonds Corporation’s aspiration to become an iconic brand, H+K conceived and launched a digitally-driven campaign asking the public to share their #SavingsExcuse for a chance to win AED 100,000. 

A media audit was conducted in preparation for the campaign launch to source journalists’ ‘excuses’ that were then used to create a unique gift for each reporter to supplement the campaign press kit, which included top-line statistics highlighting the lack of savings in the UAE to drive media headlines.

The PR & communications strategy was supplemented by an above-the-line activation across the UAE and results included 60 pieces of original coverage, with 26 top-tier media hits and strong influencer engagement. This impact directly translated to increased business and enhanced brand recognition for National Bonds Corporation. The campaign resulted in 3,361 new business leads; 984 of which were qualified.

Done in partnership with Wunderman Thompson and Mirum

Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

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