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H+K is an international public relations company with over 80 offices around the world.

Our goal is simple, to drive growth, build reputation and protect against risk. We believe that every corporation, every brand, every client has a public and today’s public is more powerful than ever before. They have the power to topple CEO’s, reshape corporate and brand strategy, kill products and create unicorns. Today’s public demands truth, transparency and the highest behavioral standards.

At H+K we build, protect and balance business value through our communications strategies. Our client obsession means constantly evolving new products + services to help clients and the public communicate. Always in Beta.

Our belief is that brands with a clear, authentic purpose, and performance strategies aligned to business objectives are most likely to succeed. We call this approach to working with clients to achieve business impact; 3P Communications™

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Our expertise

Our promise to our clients is that we will constantly evolve to help them meet the demands they face in their business, and to help them better communicate with the public. 

H+K STRATEGIES delivers deep sector knowledge and a breadth of public relations expertise which enable us to solve complex communications challenges for our clients.  Our ‘breadth and depth’ model allows us to bring together the best expertise and specialisms from across the industry to create agile teams for our clients. 

Our approach is a blend of strategy, creativity and innovation underpinned with data + analytics


H+K delivers deep sector knowledge and breadth of public relations expertise which enable us to solve complex communications challenges for our clients.
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Specialist expertise

We provide the highest value services to our clients. In addition to our core expertise we constantly innovate to help clients overcome the challenges that they face by developing new specialisms.
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From finding the most relevant influencers to measuring the results of a campaign in real-time, we have products and tools to ensure that our work delivers for our clients.
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